5 Things of Gratitude

I am going to write every now and then about my gratitude for the day. I figure that it can help get ideas going, and also see that sometimes it will vary greatly. (If you choose to do this.)

1) What I am thankful for…

  • Friends. Girlfriends that “get me” and it’s easy. And fun!
  • Living in a wonderful school district. 
  • My boys. 
  • A husband that cooks! And likes to cook!
  • Getting some good deals at Target for the boys “fun, prize box”.

2) 5 things that I like about myself…

  • I am a good friend. 
  • I listen well. 
  • I am kind. 
  • I love with my whole heart. 
  • I appreciate the little things in life. 

3) 5 people that love me… I am going to not do my usual – my husband, the boys, my mom. 

  • Julie
  • Sandra
  • Mary
  • Tammie
  • God

4) 5 things that I have accomplished…

  • Throwing together a last minute get together with other Preschool moms and kids. Almost 20 of us! Usually I would need to plan, make sure the house was cleaned up. This time, I just threw it together. I have become more flexible, and easy going than I used to be.
  • Receiving my Master’s degree in Counseling. 
  • I have accomplished becoming more aware of money and finances. I used to say, “I am just not good at math. No interest in learning about doing the finances.” Now, I balance our checkbook. It feels good to know what’s going on. 
  • Taking Ryan to the library today, hanging out for a couple of hours, and getting to see Matthew on a field trip.
  • Meeting with our EGH Treasurer, updating the books, and filing taxes. 

5) 5 things that I am looking forward to in the next 7 days…

  • Having a relaxing and lazy evening. 
  • Getting these new Target curtains for the boys’ bedroom. Next week!
  • Sleeping in this weekend. 
  • Signing up Ryan for Kindergarten on Monday. A little sad, but excited for him. Plus, Matthew and Ryan will be in the same school which will be cute. 
  • Mass. I really get a lot out of going to church. Faith is something I value, and thank God that I have.