My Gratitude For Today

1. What I am Grateful For…

  • My Husband. I have been sick with the flu of some sort for the past few days, and he has taken good care of us. Made chicken noodle soup. Helped with Ryan's Preschool this morning. Taken off work so I could rest. 
  • Matthew and Ryan. They are sweet boys. They are funny. They are thoughtful, creative, and inquisitive. I just watch them sleep sometimes, and think, “I'm so lucky.” 
  • My girlfriends. They make me laugh. We have fun. We share, support, and take good care of each other. A friendship of love. 
  • A beautiful home. I love our home. It's cozy. It's unique. My husband built me a craft room that I absolutely love. The boys love doing crafts in there with me too. That is special and fun time. 
  • Being a stay-at-home mother. I really do enjoy being home, and taking care of things around here. It is an honor. And I am truly lucky and blessed that I am able to do that. I struggled in this role at first – what does this all mean? But now, it's great. 

2. What I Like about Myself… My friends and I did this whole gratitude thing the other night. It was funny. We all got to this one and were like, “Okay, is this bragging?” Then I read an article yesterday about how women in general just have a hard time accepting praise – humility? Accepting praise or commenting on the “good things” about you are kind of along the same lines. But if you are able to accept it more, the article said that it can make learning easier which can lead to more confidence and emotional health. Okay, sounds good to me!

  • I like that I enjoy decorating, and I think I'm pretty good at it. 
  • I like that I am kind and I do not judge a book by its cover. I never liked being around other kids that made fun of others, to make themselves “feel better” about themselves. 
  • I like that I can appreciate other cultures and ways of life. That I am not just “stuck' in what I do. I am open. 
  • I like that I have a counseling background. 
  • I like that I enjoy cutting our grass. 

3. Name Five People that Love Me…

  • My husband, Chris
  • Matthew
  • Ryan
  • My mom (All of us girls said our “Mom” the other night. It was cute.)
  • Sister Jeanne Marie (I've been thinking about her a lot lately.)

4. Name Five Things that You Have Accomplished… Okay, so this may be hard since I have been sitting around for the past few days sick, but it can include the present or past. 

  • Finishing a book in less than a week! The Magnolia Story. Good book. Cute story. P.S. I only finished it so quickly because there was a hold on it after me! And I was sick!
  • Writing a blog entry for EGH. I have been wanting to write more – just need more time in a day!
  • Making a taco dip for the boys yesterday when I wasn't feeling well. 
  • Resting. I have such a hard time just sitting still (meditation does not come easily for me). But I have done that these past few days as much as I can! :)
  • Getting my Master's degree and having an awesome job at Georgetown University helping students before getting married. 

5. Name Five Things You are Looking Forward to in the Next 7 Days…

  • Receiving this beautiful wreath for our front door that I ordered from Etsy.
  • Having a craft day with Matthew and Ryan, and baking a St. Patty's Day treat. 
  • Getting our laundry put away. Ugh– It's piled up even more than the usual!
  • Doing the “prize box” with my boys later. They have these sticker charts that they earn a sticker a day if it was an overall good behavior day. After two weeks, we check on it, and if overall good – a surprise from the prize box. I put new things in there, here and there. It's fun watching their faces open it up. 
  • Exercising again. I haven't been able to do it in about a week, and I miss it!