Things Will Change

Things will change. Your grieving will change. Your support network may even change. What worked before, may not work now and that’s ok. Give yourself permission to let go to what once was, and move towards something perhaps new or different. Something that works now. And probably will be better for you and your healing. And if it isn’t something that does work now, let go of what doesn’t work until you figure out what does work. Even if unsure of the direction of which way to go. 

I’ve had some recent changes in friendships, and that’s ok. We change. Our life journey changes. What once worked, doesn’t now. Some of these friends were a part of my journey with grieving, but that doesn’t mean they still have to be in my life if it doesn’t help me now. Even my tools for supporting me are different than a year or two ago. I had taken a break from counseling for different reasons, but find it to be helpful again as I turned 40 this year – and with that – questions and needing guidance and direction as I am at a “mid-life” point. I decided that I was going to try coming off antidepressants with the support of my doctor that were mostly for my crippling anxiety. I was (and am) open to going back on them if and when needed again. I am journaling more again, and reading. That has been helpful. And eating healthier. Drinking more water is on my list for this month.

As hard as it is, be open to change. It doesn’t have to be drastic or big. And if it’s not needed at the moment, that’s ok. But if what you’re doing is not working – take a step back and try and figure out why it’s not. And if you can’t do this on your own, seek out counseling or professional help. 

I’ve always had a motto of – keep growing and learning. The worst place we can be is in settling not being stuck. Settling means you know that there is better and you deserve better. Stuck is realizing it’s not what you want and it’s not working for you – and challenging yourself to do more – be more – and with that comes change. Be open to change. Listen to that inner voice of yours, your gut. I believe it’s God talking to you. Pointing you in the direction you may need to go. Or telling you, it’s time to shake things up a bit and go… turn the page to the next chapter. Move forward and find things that work for you now.